About Inicio

Inicio is a non-profit organisation empowering students to develop their dreams and talents. Our goal is for teenage students to get the guidance they need to choose the educational and career path that fits them best. We do this by a mentoring approach and hands-on practice for students and teachers in schools, providing a method to grow capabilities and empower youth. Our focus uses technology since it’s part of the majority of social aspects and careers.

Inicio collaborates with schools, libraries, youth and community centres and other meeting places for education to organise hands-on workshops. At our workshops the participants, mostly teenage students, can build electronics, 3D print etc and see the connection between technology and other subject areas like art, fashion and music. Our workshops are designed to align with the existing school curriculum and meet the digitalisation requirements set by Skolverket. We are also developing our own method for gathering data from how the workshop participants learn. Having learning analytics to understand what motivates students and to evaluate the effectiveness of digital skills training is of great value to all educators.

Inicio runs the Kista Mentorspace, a physical place where participants experience hands-on practice with digital technology and electronics, developing abilities for problem solving, individual learning style and personal growth through mentorship. Our network of mentors consists among others of Swedish and international master students who in addition to sharing their knowledge, provide a dynamic element to our workshops and events with a rich diversity in perspectives, cultures and languages. As today´s challenges often are global, Inicio is engaged in working to meet the global goals of the Agenda 2030.