Meet Inicio in Almedalen 2-5 july 2018

We look forward to yet another year at Almedalen week and meeting up with many others who are engaged in the areas of transforming education, sharing knowledge on digital tech and enabling all citizens to be digitally literate and understand the opportunities of the learning society.

We want to reduce the distance between people and bring together community, industry, academia and the public sector. In Almedalen we hope to exchange ideas and initiatives for how to collaborate further on new learning methods, measurements and meeting places for sharing digital competence.

Three events at Fenomenalen Gotland Science Center on Tuesday 3 July

After lunch on the 3 July we will host three sessions on the topics of Education, AI and New models for Trust and Leadership of Self, Insitutions and Society.

At 13.00 Inicio welcome students, teachers, politicians, principals and parents for a discussion about “A democratic mission – young people need support to develop lifelong learning strategies and acquire skills and competence for active citizenship in a digitalised society”.  #utbpol #skola
The challenges for the schools in Sweden and globally are many and a large number of teenagers feel disengaged and lack the guidance for taking place in society.

In this workshop we will discuss how the school structure can change from within and with the help of e.g non-profit organisations such as Unga Forskare and Inicio and build long term resources for digital competence and lifelong learning. It is a democratic mission to reduce the gap between people and provide the best opportunities for all pupils to develop their intellectual and personal abilities.

Discussion moderators: Mikaela Illanes Inicio, Mark Smith KTH, Anna Hedlund Unga Forskare, Linda Ekstrand Sollentuna kommun (skolutveckling).

At 14.00 Inicio  and Kista Mentorspace at KTH host the seminar “Understanding AI and how to make use of it in everyday life”. 

Prof. Anne Håkansson, KTH / Tromsö University,  AI expert Ron Hartung, Franklin University, Prof. Mark Smith, KTH EECS School and Anders Arpteg, CTO Peltarion will share the endless application areas where AI can make a difference but discuss the challenges on how to make best use of it in our everyday lives. Computer systems, with or without AI-techniques will have an effect of the society but the questions are when, to what extent, and what kind of effects.

At 15.00 we share the floor with Social Capital Forum, Sillion Valley and The Modern Group TMG.
“How do we build the new Nordic model of Trust with leadership of self, institutions and society”

One of the fundamental problems in society today is the lack of trust. In this two-hour workshop the seminar leaders Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Michael Sillion and Karl McFaul will explore ways of solving this challenge with the new Nordic model.
How do we build Social Capital and Trust? How do we get to know ourselves and build leadership of self and the world with the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals?
Join this workshop on navigating a way into the future to make impact with systems-thinking, sense-making, curiosity and lifelong learning. It is part of an #impactjourney to create new ways of living together sustainably and to prototype this #LearningSociety together.