Cube Project


Inicio starts collaboration with Raoul Wallenberg Academy cube project on a digital cube in Kista  
We welcome the project network of the RWA Cube project and those of you who would be interested in adding a digital dimension to the display of the human rights to a brainstorming workshop in the Kista Mentorspace on 15 October.


If you are not already familiar with the RWA and the Cube project you can read more here (Swedish) and watch this video from the Cube installed in New York on the theme Freedom of Speech.


Creative cubes illustrating the 30 human rights articles
Every year, the Cube project engages schools and municipalities in Sweden and a few international sites that all work on illustrating one of the 30 articles in the declaration of human rights stated by the United Nations. The students get to use their creativity and formulate how they can stand up for their rights by using any mean of expression – text, images, interactivity, videos – showing how all of us can make a difference.


In the spring of 2018, Inicio was engaged in the Cube project and the contect created at Adolf Fredriks musikklasser in Stockholm. A centrepiece of the cube was a tree to which we added some sensors and pre-recorded sound so that you got some encouraging words when you hugged the tree. In the end of August all the cubes are gathered in Kungsträdgården as a public exhibition.


Join the Digital Cube workshop on 15 October
More ideas of what could be done by adding some more connectivity and digital tech to the cubes led to a joint interest to explore this further by Inicio and RWA. We are organising a workshop on what a “digital” cube in Kista could contain and could we connect cubes in various sites? If this sounds interesting to you as an individual or organisation, please let us know and join us on 15 October in the Kista Mentorspace.

When: Monday October 15th 2018, 13:00-16:00
Where: Kista Mentorspace, Kistagången 16, room 302
Please RSVP here to help us plan for seats and snacks