Impact story

The following story is part of an interview with a Girls in ICT participant. The name of the girl is changed to protect her privacy.

Emma is a 13 year old girl studying at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Kista. Inicio’s two-week summer camp in 2018 was Emma’s first time meeting Inicio. In Girls in ICT Day 2019, we saw Emma again.

Emma likes drawing, singing and arts. She thought tech was cool but had never looked into it because she didn’t think she could do it. Inicio has opened up her view on technology. She says, “I used to see technology as something that only cool people can do. But going to Inicio’s summer camp really makes technology tangible for me.”

The summer camp was about building a fountain that can dance to music. The fountain had four nozzles representing four sound frequencies, and different nozzles reacted differently to the music. “We 3d designed the nozzles with Tinkercad, we soldered everything on printed circuit boards, all by ourselves. There were of course difficulties. For example, we designed a cupcake as one of the nozzles. But when it was printed out, it was just a green melted thing. We realised that we forgot to put good structure inside the cupcake. We fixed that and the cupcake turned out to be really good in the end. It was very fun to try and fail and learn from failure. This summer camp has convinced me that technology is not something impossible. I can do it. This is also why I’m back here in Girls in ICT.”

Emma also appreciates the mentors in Inicio’s events. “I think a lot of other organisations haven’t realised the importance of mentors. Inicio’s mentors are really awesome. They are young enough to get our jokes, and also old enough to be reliable and help us out. They are really someone that you would like to be with, and at the same time they can mentor you.”