Inicio is a non profit organisation enabling citizens to be creators of tomorrow. The aim is to enhance digital skills and literacy so all can participate and contribute to the future smart, sustainable societies. We do this by a mentoring approach and hands-on practice for students and teachers in schools and special target groups, providing a method to grow capabilities, empower youth and up-skilling the professional workforce with entrepreneurial training.

Inicio collaborates with schools, libraries, youth- and community centres and other meeting places for education and innovation such as the Kista Mentorspace. Our network of mentors consists of Swedish and international master students at KTH or EIT Digital Master School who in addition to sharing their knowledge, provide a dynamic element to our workshops and events with a rich diversity in perspectives, cultures and languages. As todayΒ΄s challenges often are global, Inicio is engaged in working to meet the global goals of the Agenda 2030.



The Team


Mikaela Illanes

Mark Smith

Marianne Loor

Yiwen Lu

Konstantina Pantagaki


The Mentors