Internetdagarna 2018

Mark Smith speaks at Internetdagarna in track on Schools, Digital skills and Digital literacy
In various sessions at Internetdagarna 2018, organised by Internetstiftelsen i Sverige (IIS), there will be discussions on the future of learning, the technological transformation of society and what we really mean by digital literacy and skills. On the opening day Monday 19 November one of the tracks covers “What are the pupils learning as digitalisation brings change to education in schools”.


How do we assess digital competence? How do the young use their skills in their leisure time?
The track starts with an introduction by Kristina Alexandersson, IIS, is a leading expert on how schools work with digital competence on how to define this, what the challenges are and how it could evolve. As a support to teachers and schools in Sweden who by regulation as of 2018 must provide lessons in programming and digital literacy, the IIS has produced a series of Digital Lessons online. The track will share insights in teaching programming in Sweden and Finland, in schools and in after school clubs.


Can digital competence make the school more meaningful in underserved areas?
The contribution by Inicio and Mark Smith to this track is the work on providing knowledge and mentoring to both schools and community members, especially in underserved areas. Being introduced to how digital technology can be used to explore your talent and realise a dream or ambition provides a new set of skills and empowers people. With a multinational network of mentors Inicio and Mark Smith can offer workshops and courses that relate to industry, urban planning and social development, higher education and entrepreneurship. Inicio has a base in Kista Mentorspace but are active in the whole Järva area and in Södertälje.


As the percentage of students not eligible for higher education is still higher in some areas it is even more important to provide ways of finding paths to skills and competence for the future. In the end it is a question of democracy and being able to participate as an active citizen in a data-driven society.


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