Busy days for Inicio at Järvaveckan

In the first half of the political week called Järvaveckan Inicio was on site in a stand with KTH staff and students to engage and inspire especially young people in the underserved areas. It was busy all the time with children wanting to learn about building artbots or bristlebots and how to design them for the best speed or style.

– Järvaveckan is much more family-oriented than the political week in Almedalen, said Mikaela Illanes. Here we met very young kids which I think was great. Having met with older students and tried what you can do with science and tech already when you are 10 can probably help with later choices of further education and career paths. And we engaged many young girls!

– Besides answering a broad range of questions about physics, electronics and soldering, we had very interesting chats with parents, politicians and actors in the field of education, said Mark Smith. The theme day about education was interesting to follow as the debates on how to make the school system more equal and ensure that more pupils finish their basic education are central to the ambitions of Inicio.

Some of the older children were eager to learn more and could sign up on site for the upcoming Summer School in Kista in August. The ten day summer school will cover many more aspects of design, electronics, sensors and programming with the goal to develop systems that can control the fountains in a park with music or sound.