Partner with Inicio for impact

We are looking for partners to help us increase our impact!

By partnering with Inicio you help us organise more tech workshops and reach out to more teenagers. The goal is to help them uncover their passion and inspire them to pursue an education and later on a career that aligns with their interests and dreams. We offer workshops on different tech subjects like electronics, programming, 3D design and more.

Are you interested to partner with us and would like to find out more about our offer? Contact us at


 Examples of our workshops

How does it work?

Partner gets:

A co-branded tech workshop for 25 teenagers

Visibility on our web page, social media and the community

Connection with university students

Opportunity to demonstrate CSR

Inspire the next generation to work with tech

Boost the confidence of young students to pursue education in tech

Promote gender equality in tech

Possibility for employees to be mentors and participate in a mentor training designed by Inicio

Possibility to organise custom made workshop (e.g. case solving workshop provided by the partnering company)

Possibility to host the event in a public venue for extra visibility (e.g. public library, KTH campus)


Partner gives:

10 min presentation (not mandatory)

Fika is always welcome but not mandatory

If hosted at your premises: room with electricity, tables and chairs for participants and mentors


Inicio gives:

Marketing of workshop and partnering company on web and social media

Workshop concept development and planning

Design and development of course material (booklets, instructions etc)

Provision of workshop material (electronic parts, post-its etc)

Arrange workshop venue

Participant registration and administration

Evaluation of the workshop

Min 1 workshop host

Min 1 mentor (university students, company employees, or both) per 7 participants

Mentor training prior to the event

Tools and equipment needed for the workshop

Set up before and clean after the workshop

Documentation of the event that the partnering company can use (pictures and/or video)