Politicians learn about Mentorspaces

A group of politicians from the City Council of Stockholm and the Governor of Stockholm County, Sven-Erik Österberg, visited Kista in the end of May and a stop at the Kista Mentorspace was naturally a part of the program. Inicio showcased the concept of knowledge sharing and developing skills in digital tech together with people of different ages, backgrounds, competences and dreams.

Beatrice Ask (M) who was the Minister of Education in the early 1990s, took a special interest in how Inicio works with international master students from engineering programmes at KTH for events and workshops with teachers and pupils (age 13-19 years) as well as with startups, industry partners and the community in the nearby areas.

The reform of free school choice in Sweden that was introduced in the 1990s is one of the issues for debate as it led to increased segregation and much stress on making well-informed school choices. Another big issue is how to ensure that more young pupils finish their basic education and can pursue further studies or get an employment.

New initiatives are being planned in the Stockholm City and Council to introduce tools and skills in digital tech and support young people on digital literacy. After the summer holidays we will be able to present our collaboration with our Mentorspace concept and workshops for teachers and schools.