Social media intern

Are you eager to help kids develop their dreams and talents? Do you think that industry, academia and community should work better together? And are you passionate about technology?

Great! Then you meet Inicio’s biggest values.

We work together with industry, academia and community to give teenagers in Sweden the resources they need to be able to develop their dreams and talents. We do this by creating open spaces where everyone can feel free to share their knowledge and grow together.

We are a team of 6 creative people that need help with spreading our work to the world of social media. Our target group is often teenagers but also other companies and organisations. The job is paid and on part time basis.

If you have read this far you just have 3 more boxes to check off  before applying:

  • Do you have an eye for cool stuff to share on social media?
  • Are you a great story writer?
  • And lastly, would you like to make the world a better place for children?

Send us you CV, personal letter and examples of your work like blogs, links to social media pages you are curating etc.


Application deadline: Thursday, February 28th, 2019