Emilie Karon Klefbom, Former Nacka Gymnasium student, now studying at Chalmers

During my last year of high school I wanted to do a quite ambitious examination project. Since my school lacked the resources for a project like mine I reached out to the Mentorspace for help. I was amazed of the kindness and competence in the Mentorspace. Every time I walked through this door I meet someone new who was exited to help me, a high school student without a clue of what I was doing. The Mentorspace allowed me to learn everything from PCB design to RFID to laser cutting and more and I got to meet a ton of awesome people from all over the world and have one of the best years of my life.


Rikard Wallin, Vice President Nordic & Managing Director Sweden, NCAB Group

For NCAB Group, diversity is essential for a sustainable company, and a sustainable society. Inicio are making a difference by inviting and encouraging young people, especially young women, to try electronics and hardware in real life, with a joyful approach. We gladly support Inicio’s initiatives, especially the “Girls In ICT” events, where NCAB Group have supplied the printed circuit boards in 2018 and 2019.


Robert Kingfors, CEO Södertälje Science Park

Södertälje Science Park had the privilege to work with Inicio at the School kick-off days for Södertälje Science week. The digital tech workshops, facilitated by Inicio, where students built a small robot was one of the highlights of the kick-off event. The team enthusiasm and personal engagement combined with a pedagogical methodology inspired even the most skeptical students to take an interest in technology, electronics and creative prototyping. I think Inicio provided a fantastic concept for developing future talents in Södertälje. ​



Charlene Sequeira, active mentor, former KTH student, now employed at Cybercom

While I was a student at KTH, I used to spend a lot of time at the Mentorspace. From there I heard about Inicio and all the amazing work they do. They are an organisation that want to spread the ability of digitalisation and technology across all sectors of life, especially those that don’t have the resources. This immediately made me want to get involved. I started mentoring the students that would come over to the Mentorspace. It’s fascinating to watch how much young minds can grasp and how much they want to learn! I personally think Inicio is doing a wonderful job facilitating this, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it. ​