Corona crisis sees demand skyrocket for Inicio's free online tech focused workshops

The corona crisis has seen demand for Inicio’s free, online tech workshops skyrocket.

Led by experts, these real-time courses are designed to teach students some of the “hottest” skills needed for a future in the tech industry. Students can learn how to build their own website from scratch in the “Create Your Own Website Course”, or create a mobile app in the “Explore UX Design Fundamentals” course. Both courses are held in entirely in English, and are supported by Inicio’s team of mentors.

This year the courses are receiving international attention. Students from as far afield as China, Hungary and even Australia are signing up for these workshops.

 Students in the UX course will be able to learn from internationally-based tech superstars who have worked with some of world's largest companies.

One of the guest lecturers includes Guilherme Ferriera, the CEO of Brazil design agency, Atom6design. Atom 6 has worked with companies including Google, Ikea, Mercedes-Benz, Cuisinart and IBM.

 Mikaela Illanes, Inicio's co-founder, said the coronavirus has really highlighted the dire need for digital skills.

“The corona virus has really accelerated us towards a digital future,” Ms Illanes said.

“Both web design and UX courses offer up so many possibilities - especially in terms of career paths and creativity.Web design and UX are a great fusion of creativity and technology.

"You can create your own website to showcase your photography portfolio, set up your own e-commerce platform -it is a valuable skill in the long-run. People sometimes mistakenly believe that technology is for “males only”. This isn’t true at all -technology is for everyone," she said.

 By 2022, there will be a tech deficit of 70,000 in Sweden. To meet this need, these tech 'taster courses' are desperately needed to encourage teens to consider a tech related career path.

“These courses give everyone the chance to ‘try out’ technology in a supportive environment, learn new skills, and use their summer holidays to increase their career possibilities," Ms Illanes said.

"They let teens try out new skills to fit out which area of technology best “fits” them," she said.

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