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Born in Mumbai, the heart of the vibrant Bollywood scene, Abhishek spent his childhood taking apart gadgets to understand how they worked, and then reassembling them. It was this fascination with electronics – and through the help of the Google search engine –  that Abhishek found his career path. His desire to study “Embedded Systems” saw him being accepted to study in Sweden – so he did a Ganapati Dance to celebrate 😉  (a type of Bollywood freestyle dance – check it out!), and moved abroad.  When Abhishek is not exploring how to develop smart embedded solutions for new challenges, he indulges his artistic side through painting and drawing, tests his limits by trying out new adventurous sports, and dreams about going on a world tour to explore every place on the earth.

Q. Where were you born?

I was born and bought up in a small town in Mumbai, the financial of India. I finished my bachelors in electronics engineering in Mumbai itself. I like playing cricket, painting and drawing. Describing my hometown in just few sentences is nearly impossible because it’s MUMBAI, the city that never sleeps, the city of Bollywood, the city of dreams, and the list goes on! The lifeline of Mumbai is its local train network. Everyday around 8 million people use the local railway transport, isn’t it astonishing?! Traveling in a local train at peak hour is an adventure because the trains are extremely overcrowded. The second-best thing about Mumbai is its food. Cheap street food stalls stand next to to expensive 5-star restaurants, I assure you that you will never be hungry enough to starve. We have lots of beaches where I usually hangout with my friends most of the time. If you are in Mumbai and visiting beach, do not forget to try amazingly delicious food on the beach. Last but not the least Mumbai is the home to Bollywood film industry.

Q. What area of study are you doing, and what drew you to this area?

Currently I’m pursing my first year of a masters degree in ‘Embedded Systems’ from EIT’s Digital Master School/KTH Royal Institute of Technology

My fascination for gadgets droves me to understand their working principle by taking them apart and trying to re-assemble them. This passion encouraged me to take up electronics in high school as well as bachelor’s course. The fact that pieces of plastic, metal, wires and small chips can be assembled to build incredible things was amazing. Soon thereafter, designing and building basic circuits and writing simple C programs started as a hobby. Knowing that I am in the right direction of my career, I believed that I must further my understanding from just basic concepts to more in-depth learning, so I decided to pursue a masters degree in embedded systems.

Q. What do you plan to do when you graduate?

I would like to continue developing my programming skills and other technical skills as well as my leadership skills over the next several years. I’d like to be an industry expert in my field, able to train and mentor students and entry-level programmers alike.

Q. Why are you volunteering as a mentor with Inicio?

When I was in high school, I didn’t get proper guidance about the field in which I’m currently studying i.e. electronics. Back then, everyone used to tell me to pursue computer engineering because there are many I.T jobs. But I knew I wasn’t interested in sitting in front of computer screen for hours and writing 2000-3000 lines of codes. I was always curious to open RC cars, look what’s inside and then put it back together. After some research, thanks to Google, I found out what I wanted to do in life. The reason I volunteered to be a mentor is to help guide students who are confused about what they want to do in life, share my experiences with them, tell them what is to be like electronics engineer and motivate them.

Q. If you could impart any words of wisdom to children/teenagers what would it be?

Be yourself. Explore more. Always ask “why?” Be curious to know things, because curiosity is the best teacher. If you are like me, who loves gadgets, try opening it, see what’s inside, what makes it so cool and amazing.

Q. What do you like to do during your “downtime” when you are not busy studying or mentoring?

During my downtime, I like to cook, watch movies and American t.v. shows, and play online games. I love to explore new places, new cities. I also like to go on hiking, and try  adventurous sports.

Q.What are some of your other passions in life?

Had I not been an engineer I would have been a chef. Second thing I’m passionate about is travelling. My dream is to go on world tour and explore every place on the earth.

Cover photo: One of Abhishek's paintings. It is called ' Warli Painting,' a style of tribal art mostly created by the tribal people from the North Sahyadri Range in India.

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