Mentor Profile – Madhurya

Welcome to 10 minutes with our mentors! Over the coming months, we will be doing a profile series to introduce you to some of Inicio’s incredible mentors.

Born in Bengaluru, the “Silicon Valley” of India, Madhurya was captivated by technology at an early age. In fact, she spent a lot of time pretending to be a computer science student during her childhood (read below to find out why!). Madhurya is now studying for a Masters in Embedded Systems at KTH. During her freetime she loves running, eating Masala Dosa and reading Harry Potter!

Where did you grow up?

ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ  ( Hello in Kannada)! I’m Madhurya  and  I’m from Bengaluru, India  which is known as the “Garden City” and the Silicon Valley of India. With a blend of Yakshagana ( a form of dance), Carnatic music and Idly-Vada’s, Bengaluru is known for its diverse, yet calming, culture.

What area of study are you doing, and what drew you to this area? What year are of study are you in?

My mother is a professor in Computer Science and since childhood, I would act as the mock-up student in all her lecture rehearsals. I vividly remember banging on the keyboard trying to imitate her on the computer! I grew up to this fascination of being a Computer Engineer and I’m currently studying my first year of Masters in Embedded Systems at KTH.

What do you like to do during your “downtime” when you are not busy studying or mentoring?

I love running and one of my favourite places to run, apart from Hagaparken in Stockholm, is the Cubbon Park in Bengaluru – a well-known area for photographers, dog-lovers, yoga enthusiasts and joggers!

If I am not working or running, you can find me sipping filter kaapi (coffee)  with benne Masala Dosa (like a buttery crispy pancake with mashed potatoes ) and reading Harry Potter

Why excites you about the future of technology?

Making technology affordable to people of diverse backgrounds, and the tremendous influence it has on all walks of life.

If you could impart any words of wisdom to children/teenagers what would it be?

Fail often! Don’t fear failure as it really helps you to achieve better goals in life

Why did you start volunteering as an Inico mentor?

I love volunteering for Inicio, the team with mentors and the ever-curious kids gives me a new perspective on tech and culture! I grow by getting new ideas and enthusiasm from them . My favourite experience as mentor was when an 8 yr old refused to give up when building a BubbleNode. Ah that happiness on her face when the cube lit is something I treasure!

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