Mentor Profile – Stanley

Welcome to 10 minutes with our mentors! Over the coming months, we will be doing a profile series to introduce you to some of Inicio’s incredible mentors.

First up is the Stanley  – a medical engineering student at KTH, who is also passionate about photography, aurora borealis, and travelling.   He talks about his childhood growing up in Jakarta, why he decided to study medical engineering and the reason he was drawn to study in Sweden (spoiler: it was not only the technology scene here that grabbed his attention).

Where were you born?

I was born and raised in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It is a big city, with lots of high-rise buildings and also lots of villages as well. We usually have a Venice like cityscape during the rainy seasons – because it is flooded!  


 I remember clearly when I was little, the water from the street getting higher and higher until we needed to evacuate our house – the water reached 1.5 metres inside of the house! Nowadays we don’t really have bad floods, but we sure do have a lot of people, hence lots of traffic jams! But, as unique as my city is, I sure do miss my hometown, Jakarta! Especially the food!

Besides your love of Jakarta and the amazing food, what else are you passionate about?

I really love photography, I started photography because my dad was learning it as well when I was little. I started to be his assistant whenever he goes for a photo hunt, and ended up to be the one who still continues to take more pictures! I still do photography when I feel stressed or tired from my school work. But, thankfully, Stockholm is a beautiful city and I love photographing it! Also, I am a fanatic of sky objects, especially Auroras. Hence that is my main motivation on going to Sweden – and Sweden’s reputation of being the open and creative country in terms of technology too,  of course 😉

When did you first become involved in the field of technology?

I am the first child of 3 children in my family. I started studying electrical engineering for my bachelors degree because of my dad. He had a printing company and he taught me about the machines and wirings, and also PLC programming when one of our machine was broken. He convinced me that, “Being an electrical/electronics engineer is a great bridge for studying both programming and making hardware”. Hence, that is why I studied electrical engineering at ITS Surabaya, at another city in Indonesia. My mom, who is a doctor, inspired me to study more about medical electronics, therefore I did my bachelor’s thesis in medical electronics. I then decided to study medical engineering for my masters. My little sister studied information systems, but helps a lot in our little clinic, and my little brother is studying medicine as well. I can say that we are a family who are interested in the medical field!

Now at KTH I study medical engineering as I am deeply interested in rehabilitation technology, especially in the product development. I am doing my thesis in this field as well, and hopefully I’ll be graduating this year.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I’ll be starting to work as a hardware/software engineer, and there I hope I can learn more about product development. The company where I’ll be working is not heavily involved in the medical field, but I think that this is a great way to learn more on the electronics side, before possibly continuing in the medical field.

Why do you volunteer as an Inicio mentor?

I wanted to help other people in those subjects that I felt that it was hard for me in high school. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that the person I mentored enjoyed the workshops, and are motivated to learn more.

What excites you the most about the future of technology?

Future of tech is somewhat mysterious and yet exciting! I like techie stuff and I like its “promising steps” for the future! In my opinion, tech should be used to help people more in terms of well-being – and also the “fun stuff!” 😉

When you are not at KTH, or mentoring with Inicio, what other activities are we likely to find you doing?

For my downtime, I like traveling, photography and hunting for auroras. I found peace when I am with my tripod and my camera, trying to capture the sunset or sunrise.

Any other tips you might want to give your future mentees?

My mom always told me to be as hard as a steel, but not like a glass. A steel is stronger when it is being hit and burned, whereas glass breaks. This always motivates me when I’m feeling down and have my hard times. And also, write down your dreams in one notebook, it helps me to achieve what I want, which is to study here at Sweden!

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