The tech sector is booming, but women are missing out!

Girls in ICT Day is a global, annual event designed to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of ICT.  Since 2016, Inicio has celebrated Girls in ICT by hosting GirlTechies™ - a fun-filled, large-scale event focused on skill building, mentoring, and providing a hands-on introduction to the exciting world of technology.
Mentor helping a girl build electronics

Why GirlTechies™?

A survey commissioned by Microsoft found that young girls became interested in STEM subjects around the age of 11, but quickly lost interest by 15 years of age. As a result, the number of girls preparing themselves for technical jobs (by studying maths, engineering, computing, and/or sciences), is disproportionally low. There are many reasons for this loss of interest - from peer pressure, conformity to social expectations, gender stereotypes, gender roles, a lack of role models and support from parents and teachers, to a general misperception of what STEM careers look like in the real world.

Inicio's GirlTechies™ event is designed to make girls and young women aware of the vast possibilities that the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) offers. We quell misconceptions about the sector, explore all the exciting career options available, and help girls unleash their tech skills! Inicio has celebrated Girls in ICT day since 2016 , and with every successive year the number of participants and the activities we offer gets bigger and better!

GirlTechies™ 2019

During our 2019 event, Inicio focused on the concept of “gaming”. More than 100 girls between the ages of 12 – 19 years participated in our full day of hands on activities. The participants created their own gamified CubeNode from scratch - and learnt all about electronics, circuit boards to soldering in the process. Students also worked on a unique real-life case study provided by PrimeTime Sverige where they had to brainstorm how to improve the user experience of their mobile gaming app.  Workshop attendees were fully supported throughout the event by Inicio's incredible team of mentors - students who are studying in the field of ICT at some of Sweden’s leading universities.


Here is what some of our participants though about GirlTechies™ in the previous years.

Support us!

We are in desperate need of more ICT workers. Encouraging girls to enter the ICT sector not only has positive benefits for women, but also for businesses and society at large. More women in technology helps fosters a more dynamic sector, and  provides extensive benefits for companies. A  gender-balanced workforce reflects the customer base more accurately, enhances productivity and innovation, and leads to increased financial success.

With the ICT sector and demand for workers continuing to grow, now is the time to join forces with Inicio. We need to act immediately to encourage more girls to enter the exciting world of technology! Get one of our packages to help empower more girls to choose a future in tech.
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