Inicio provides challenges and mentoring to students during Södertälje Science Week with real business case projects

The second edition of Södertälje Science Week takes place between 30 January and 2 February 2019. The aim is to create awareness and invite all citizens to explore the education, research and innovation related to sustainability that is the focus for the Södertälje Science Park and municipality. Inicio participates for the second year but this time in a long-term project, supporting the students with their business case projects that is part of the last year in upper secondary school (gymnasiet).

During the science week the students will get a teaser and introduction to the various cases in an Innovation Camp. A number of companies and organisations will present their cases and the students will work in groups and try to come up with solutions in just a few hours. Inicio is providing mentoring, which will continue in the fall 2019 when the cases will be extended to full scale project presentations. The cross disciplinary competences of Inicio’s mentor network and the hands-on workshops in Inicio’s Mentorspaces will be valuable for any case study.

We also hope to meet curious citizens of all ages in the Science Week after work activities, Meet & Chill in the main entrance hall of the Södertälje Science Park. Inicio will be there on 30 and 31 January with a workshop on building Bubble Nodes. It requires some patience and ability to work with small components but when all pieces are soldered on to the circuit board, the bubble can communicate with other bubbles, thus creating a small data communication network. It is creative, fun and educational!

Read more about the public event here.

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